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Technical Information

Ridge Tiles and Calicut Tiles have become the  highest selling tiles in the market ,which target the middle class buyers.

We select the premium clay form Waikkal to produce the best quality tiles to the market.Producing high quality clay include right mixture of clay form different parts of the Island like milk-clay from waikkal, Land-clay Katana and Chilaw Bangadeniya clay which are filled to a tank by a bako machine
then adding water gradually while maintaining aspect ratio and seasoning for at-least 4days.After seasoning it is mixed by the employees and made to cubical using the roller machine to get perfect clay to start tile production.

As a person involving in the production process constantly the following facts are to be considered for the production of premium quality tiles to the market.
• After burning the tile it should take the colour of king coconut and weigh in between 2.5Kg to 2.8Kg
• Tiles are graded from 1 to 4 and it is recommended to use grade 1 tiles for roofing needs.
• The graded tiles are sold in different prices island wide.
• When planning a clay roof then the angle of the roof should be 1 foot to 6inch and length of the space between the reeper should be 12inch

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